GEODIS Air & Sea Sustainable Fuel Solution is designed to support our clients in growing their business more responsibly while ensuring a harmony with environmental and social sustainability.  The solution offers our clients to reduce transportation related emissions of their goods, both by air and ocean shipments, worldwide. This solution is a strategic path pursued by GEODIS to meet the challenge of carbon neutrality.  


Our sustainable fuel is from non-fossil sources. It is produced using food and agricultural waste. These alternative fuels: Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Sustainable Marine Fuel, are classified as "insetting" or "integrated carbon reduction" because they occur within the transport's own value chain. They reduce emissions and pollutants at the source, unlike conventional carbon offsetting, in which initiatives are generally not developed in the direct operational sphere.

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CO2 Emission and reduction on every shipment with  customized reports

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Annual, quarterly or monthly report on emission and reduction due to sustainable fuel insettinges.


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At Roxtec, freight activities are among the largest challenges in our commitment to reducing CO₂ emissions. Therefore, we are happy to start using Sustainable Marine Fuels for all our ocean freight activities connected to replenishment of our Regional Distribution Centers in Asia.” Håkan Nilsson - EVP, Global Operations, Roxtec.