Delighting Customers
During Peak Season Guide



Now more than ever, it is vital to delight customers during peak.

The combination of rising customer demands, and significantly increased shopping activity during peak season creates unique challenges for e-Commerce and traditional retailers. The retail marketplace is changing too, with an accelerated shift towards e-Commerce and an increased focus on omnichannel. 

Peak season itself is changing: e-Commerce and 24x7 availability and distribution are altering shopping patterns, and holiday spending continues to break records year over year. Peak season isn’t just set by consumers anymore. Shifts can be driven through clever integrated marketing, or initiatives like Amazon Prime Day.

Supporting all of this—supply, demand, capacity, omnichannel—is your logistics. Third-party logistics providers (3PL) have an outsized impact on customer experience.

In this paper, we explore all of these topics, including: 

  • The impact of customer delight and strong logistics on your bottom line. 

  • Reacting to the ongoing challenges of peak season—supply and demand management. 

  • Tackling new demands and horizons—the impact of COVID-19 on consumer needs and the rise of omnichannel. 

  • How logistics in your supply chain lets you meet peak season challenges. 

  • How the right 3PL partner services map directly onto delighting your customers.